Which Star Signs Are Leo Men Compatible With?

Aries woman Leo man, Libra woman Leo man and many other matches are all great for the Leo.

Unlike Aries woman Leo man matches, Leo men are unlikely to find love with Scorpio women. They will have great fun and amazing dates together, but in the long term it will become toxic. In the bedroom, they’ll both be extremely generous and loving, but the Scorpio’s tendency towards being dominant and sadistic will not sit well with the Leo man. Outside of the bedroom, the Leo will find the Scorpio to be too closed up about their personal life and the manipulation that is common with Scorpio women will drive the Leo man up the walls. Unless the Leo man is willing to turn from a Lion into a kitten, this relationship won’t last.

The only way that a relationship between an Aquarius woman and a Leo man will work is if the Leo can control his possessiveness and jealousy, but this is unlikely. Aquarius women are wanderers who will not be able to reciprocate the fiery passion and love that he Leo has. While Leos are often traditional when it comes to relationships, Aquarius women are more modern. This will cause a lot of conflict and hurt feelings in a relationship.

Aries woman Leo man

Capricorn women will attract Leo men with their confidence and passion, but communication problems and a struggle for dominance will be their downfall. While Leo men often fall head over heels very quickly, the Capricorn woman will need more convincing. If both these stubborn signs can reach an agreement and learn to compromise, this can be a long lasting match. Otherwise, it will end in fights and struggles for dominance over the relationship.