Here are some of the best Xbox one headset options for you


This short, informational article is for those of you who are slowly but surely falling in love with your Xbox. It is also for those of you who happen to prefer PS4 at this time because there are headsets that come well recommended and are compatible for use on both the iconic gaming brands’ makes and models. It is ideal that you are well placed to choose a headset that is compatible with different versions of the legendary gaming enterprises’ releases.

But if you are a seasoned gamer, then you already know that nothing but the latest Xbox will do for you. Here are some of the best Xbox one headset options available to you right now. These are the Steel Series Siberia X800, the Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro and the Polk Striker ZC. The Steel Series is ideal for those of you who want to use your new headset on a number of other devices as well. This headset has been specifically designed for use on Xbox sets.

best Xbox one headset

Apparently, gaming afionados are already quite familiar with the Turtle Beach. It has also been specifically designed for competitive use on Xbox one sets. Those of you who are in love with devices that are fully compatible might also fall in love with the Polk Striker. Not only has this headset also been designed for use on the Xbox, it’s also compatible for use on PS4 and Wii U alternatives. It is also quite compact as a lightweight design.

And that’s it guys, just three choices for you to sink your gaming teeth into, bearing in mind that these headsets are also competitively priced. Look see what games you are spending more time on these days and see which headset fits in with your schedule.